The following are frequently asked questions from local and international users or game industry parties.


Where can I find information on upcoming games?
The entire official information will be posted here in this website. We won’t speak of any other information that is not posted here.
Why is there block on Korean access to GunZ Brazil, International and North America?
To each regional service, we only allow access to its own county only. For example, the players from Brazil cannot access to Korean Server.
Do the developers play GunZ?
Of course.
Is there any planning on releasing AceSaga again?
Unfortunately, we have no planning to reproduce the product that has ended its production line.
Do you planning to produce package games?
At this point, we don’t have any plans for package games.
I’m a big fan of MAIET entertainment. Can I come for visit?
We are sorry but we do not allow personal visit.
Then, can we gather together with other users and come for visit?
We will again have to apologize that we do not allow group visits either.
Is MAIET entertainment interested in developing Console games?
We are interested in developing console games but currently we have insufficient personnel and can’t develop other platform games.


I’ve heard that MAIET entertainment uses Agile development.
We use at the part where efficient to apply partially. We are planning to apply any kind of development method if it helps on our development, since we don’t rely on Agile Development solemnly.
Is it true that the GunZ Engine is same as the one of AceSaga?
The name of the Engine is same but it’s not an upgrade version but created from scratch. It only carries the same name. For your information, the graphic engines from our company include the name RealSpace. AceSaga was produced with RealSpace v1.0 and GunZ was produced with RealSpace v2.0.
Is MAIET entertainment planning to continuously create its own engine?
We are not being obstinate on creating our own engine, but for now it seems that we will create our own to use. - NOTE: But we're already using several third party libraries on development.


Does MAIET entertainment have a parent company?
No, we don’t. MAIET entertainment is an independently operated development company.
Is MAIET Entertainment planning to expand to other business project than game?
No, we don't.
Can I make investment or underwrite MAIET entertainment?
Currently we don’t accept proposition on any type of investment nor underwrite offers. As written on Company introduction page, we consider of being Independent Development Company very important.
We would like to publish your game on different country.
Please send us your company’s information and expected service schedule through our e-mail.