GunZ the Second Duel


GunZ the Second Duel(Official), GunZ 2(Korea)
Online Action Game
Intel Dual Core 2.0G or above, RAM 1GB, HDD 3GB, Video Card: GeForce 6600 or faster
Release Date
4Q 2013 (North America/Europe/Taiwan)


GunZ 2 the Second duel is the official sequel of the GunZ 1(officially known as "GunZ the Duel") which has been successfully serviced for its unique action and game characteristic every since it was first released on 2004. GunZ 2 inherits the strong features from GunZ 1 and provides more evolved game play experience by providing variety of weapons and actions, improved responses, and real-time physics effect.

The battle field that continuously changes, Boss battles with suprises, running freely along the walls with muffler waving on the air... We will leap once more the limit of on-line action game with GunZ the second duel.


  • MORE diverse gameplay - Including all popular features from GunZ 1, GunZ 2 has adopted the class system to provide different skills and performance with different weapon classes so you can make and raise a character of your style to create an original gameplay.
  • ULTIMATE acrobatic action - The unique acrobatic action of GunZ has evolved even farther. The wall action from previous version is strengthened and now the characters can enjoy even more spectacular acrobatic action of jumping and hanging on wherever they want.
  • Easier gameplay - Previously GunZ required high level of user control for actions but the action control is improved so anyone can easily boast high level actions.
  • Physics engine merged PERFECTLY with the game - At the collapsing and destroying battle field, the user can use not just his weapon and technique but also the objects and environment for the battle.
  • Improved PvE system and huge bosses - In GunZ 2, you can experience strategic and intense fight where user can cling on to the boss whose height exceeds over 20 meters and climb it up to attack its weak point.


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  1. Valve Software: Service Platform for NA/SA
  2. Cayenne Tech: Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau Publisher

Third Party Libraries

  1. NVidia: PhyX
  2. Mystic Game Development: EmotionFX
  3. Scaleform: ScaleForm
  4. Autodesk: Kynapse